Learn the secrets to nurture Agile organizations and how to work on self-development to become an effective Agile Leader in this two-day Certified Agile Leadership℠ training. 

What is an Agile Leader?

Since 2001, tens of thousands of leaders all around the world have been creating workplaces in the spirit of the Agile Manifesto. These workplaces were initially most evident in software development. But Agile leadership is now spreading to all parts of the organization and across all sectors of the economy, particularly as software itself has become a key driver of business success. Agile leaders are not just tinkering with the management practices that were once successful. They are creating something different — workplaces with a culture of agility and with Agile values, practices, and metrics.

An Agile leader...

  • Operates effectively amid uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change
  • Is knowledgeable about Agile values, approaches, and practices
  • Surfaces more creative solutions through increased self-awareness, a growth mindset, and engaging others
  • Aligns and empowers teams toward delivering more customer value
  • Personally integrates feedback and experiments, and adapts their ways
  • Takes a collaborative continuous improvement approach to organizational effectiveness
  • Catalyzes change in others and facilitates organizational change

Target Audience

  • Executives, middle management, and other leaders with organizational influence.
  • Leaders who support, lead, or interact with Agile teams.
  • Scrum Masters / Agile coaches
  • Any leader sponsoring, requesting, or involved with an Agile adoption within their organization

Training Schedule

Day 1

  • Context of Agile
  • Leadership development in "The leader's Dancefloor"
  • Complexity 
  • Collective dimension of leadership
    • Organizational culture
    • Organizational Structure
    • Agile processes

Day 2

  • Leadership Stiles (The leaders within you)
  • Leading organizational Change
  • Personal dimension of leadership
    • Interacting as a leader
    • Acting as a leader
    • Being a leader 

Training materials and handouts:
Students are given an introductory pre-reading material. After successfully completing the course, the students are sent a high quality PDF handout containing a visual recount of the training.

After successfully completing this course, participants will be entitled to take the online exam to obtain the Certified Agile Leader certification from the Scrum Alliance, plus a two year paid membership. More information on: 


What's included
Besides one of the best trainings in the industry, you get:


The training is given in English. All training materials are also in English.

Both days welcome at 8h30. Course runs from 9h - 17h30

The training is given in English. All training materials are also in English.

Both days welcome at 8h30. Course runs from 9h - 17h30



€1.925 (VAT excl.)

Agile fundamentals. You need CSM / CSPO or equivalent. Alternatively, you may request a pre-event reading list to ensure key fundamentals.

Course preparation: 
Before attending to this training all participants are required to read the following materials and to watch the following videos. Completing this pre-requisites represents a key factor for the successful completion of the training. 


  • Intro to CAL: https://www.scrumalliance.org/agile-leadership
  • Context of Agile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mfa6eRlbmA
  • The leader dancefloor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3T1OJUNt0Y

Successfully completing this course: To be eligible for the CAL certification all participants are required to complete the indicated preparation assignments and to actively participate in all 16 hours of the training. In the eventuality that an attendant can’t complete all 16 hours of this training and attended to a minimum that represents 90% or more of the training hours he can be still eligible for the CAL certification upon completion of the assignments indicated by the trainer. Those assignments might include writing an essay on the topics missed by the attendants.

Canceled This training is over!

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May 3 - May 4 (2017)

Brussels - Belgium


Angel Diaz-Maroto


Canceled This training is over!

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Additional info