Frequently Asked Questions

What are Agilar's payment and cancellation policies?
General Conditions Agilar:

1. Payment conditions

1.1. Unless otherwise agreed with you, your reserved seat in the training will only be guaranteed after the payment of this invoice has been received.
1.2. The European Directive 2011/07/EU will apply in case of issues with payments.

2. Cancelations

Cancellation of training by participants:

We recognize that on occasions participants will book onto trainings and subsequently find that they are unable to attend.

Upon cancelation of a participant for a training, please send cancellation details to Agilar by email or by telephone and inform Agilar if you wish to send a replacement participant.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

•	If you notify your cancellation up to two weeks prior to the event, we will provide a full refund or offer a transfer of credit for another training.
•	If you notify your cancellation less than two weeks prior to the event the half cost will be payable. 
•	If you notify your cancellation less than five days prior to the event the full cost will be payable.
•       Any inscription changes and partial or complete rebookings will be subject to a discretionary administrative fee of 100 euros plus potential expenses. 

Cancellation of a training by Agilar:

Agilar is committed to offering high quality services that meet the needs of our customers and will always aim to run announced trainings once participants have booked onto them.

Occasionally circumstances will arise which result in the need to cancel a training. When this is the case Agilar will take active and positive steps to inform you as soon as possible by phone and/or email.

Agilar reserves the right to modify or cancel any training if unforeseen circumstances arise but we will do our utmost to avoid doing so.

Where Agilar cancels a training that you have paid to attend, we will offer you a full refund (or a credit transfer for a future training). Full advice on refunds/credits will be provided at the time of cancellation.
What is the fiscal company information of Agilar?
Agilar Benelux bvba
Koning Albertlaan 198
9000 Gent

VAT BE 0892.230.645
Voor welke diensten kan ik een KMO-portefeuille aanvragen? (Enkel voor ondernemingen in het Vlaamse gewest.)
Agilar Benelux is erkend dienstverlener voor KMO-portefeuille voor de peiler opleiding. Dit wil zeggen dat een onderneming die in aanmerking komt voor KMO-portefeuille een subsidie van 40% ontvangt met een maximum van 10.000 euro steun per jaar voor kleine ondernemingen of 30% met een maximum van 15.000 euro steun per jaar voor middelgrote ondernemingen. En dit zowel voor onze publieke trainingen als in-house opleidingen.

Hoeveel steun u ontvangt, is afhankelijk van de grootte van uw onderneming. De officiële grootte van uw KMO hangt af van uw aantal werknemers, omzet en balanstotaal. Meer info op:

Als u voor de eerste keer een subsidieaanvraag wil doen, moet u uw onderneming eerst registreren.

Elke subsidieaanvraag gebeurt online nadat u een persoon die werkt binnen uw onderneming hebt ingeschreven voor een opleiding. Elke subsidieaanvraag moet ten laatste 14 dagen na de startdatum van de prestaties zijn ingediend.

De gebruikershandleiding van de kmo-portefeuille helpt u om vlot een subsidieaanvraag in te dienen. Meer info op:
I am a PMP, can I collect PDU’s when I take a Certified Scrum Master or a Certified Scrum Product Owner training?
How many PDU’s can I collect when I take the 2 day training? 

    CSM, CSPO and all our other courses give "Class B - Technical" PDUs. One PDU = one hour of learning. One day of training gives a net 7 hours of learning and 1 hour of breaks. 

What is the procedure to apply for PMI PDUs?

  When you are logged in with your PMI profile you should follow the following procedure:

•	Choose the menu item: Certification -> Maintain your certification: Earn and report PDUs. Follow the guideline
•	Report PDUs
•	Course or Training

Fill in the following form:
•	Provider: Agilar
•	Activity: ScrumMaster Certification Course
•	Description: Process groups: Planning, Executing, Controlling (others might apply)
Knowledge areas: Time, Scope, Risk, Quality (others might apply)

Please note:
•	Activity: Enter the activity that you attended. You can search for an activity from the PMI Education Directory or type in the name of an activity you attended hosted by a third-party. If a Provider from the PMI Education Provider Directory was selected, the activity results will be limited to the activities offered by that provider.
•	Description: Describe the type of course or training you attended. You can include the type of activity, a summary about the course, or other helpful information that explains the learning objectives of the course.