Whether you are starting off in your Agile and continuous improvement journey or whether you have a mature Agile implementation that is stagnating, a good coach can provide invaluable counsel and support. We understand that as coaches our role is to foster collaboration and develop teams that focus on results, until a culture of delivery, teamwork and continuous improvement is ingrained into the teams.

To achieve this, we have found it most effective to have our coaches work as members of the client’s leadership team, because experience has taught us that successful changes come from a shared vision and an internal champion.

Coaching assignments are tailored to the specific context, meaning we will typically start by conducting Agilar’s Agile Maturity Assessment to determine how mature is the Agile implementation and what are the improvements still necessary. This enables us to develop a common understanding with the client about what are the main challenges, so that we can provide them with the appropriate experts. Agilar’s broad range of internationally experienced coaches means we can support a wide range of needs, from detailed technical expertise up to business coaching, value-stream mapping and organizational structure.

These assignments are usually time-intensive at first, with our coaches working hands-on with key teams and people. Involvement then tapers down to weekly or monthly follow-ups, where our coaches sit down with change leaders within the organization to evaluate progress and identify the next priorities.



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