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Taking a training is a great starting point for most people and organizations. With a small investment, you can get a great introduction to a broad topic, or a focused workshop on a certain skill.

We organize both public and in-house tranings by request. We do this around the world and in multiple languages. We cover many areas of Agile and Lean and are constantly adding new trainings to our growing offer.

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Team Members

Experience has shown us that embedding top professionals within project delivery teams is a highly effective way to transfer knowledge and instil a new spirit of collaboration and improvement. This transformation will typically happen in a gradual and organic manner, which assures our clients that they can begin their improvement initiatives while continuing to deliver on their key projects.

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When going to a new organization, we noticed that many of our coaches carried in their toolbox some form of a checklist containing topics and questions to discuss with the client. Once this pattern was apparent we started asking ourselves, wouldn't it be useful to centralize this list of topics and questions?

Thus was born Agilar's Agile Maturity Assessment.

Now, when asked to survey the current situation, we can offer a comprehensive assessment that provides a clear picture of where one stands and what are the next highest priority improvements we recommend.

Whether you are just starting off in your Agile initiative or have been doing it for a while but feel the initiative is stagnating, Agilar's Agile Maturity Assessment will give you a clear picture of the challenge at hand and an understanding of the next recommended steps.

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